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AIM Business Investments

AIM has various business interests in a diverse field throughout various industries. The belief that strength comes from DIVERSITY comes through in the various asset classes that AIM operates in. With investments in cross cyclical industries, AIM serves to return superior returns to the shareholders and stakeholders of the company. We invite you to learn more about the various operations under the AIM banner;

  • AIM Electronics - Manufacturers of electronic components, assembling printed circuit boards with surface mount or through-hole components

  • Successful Tennis - a facility and program management company that oversees Sports Management services for Tennis and other sports.

  • Aroma - a producer of various Health and Beauty products using All Natural ingredients and Essential Oils in the production of products. The unique product offering of personalization and customization of products according to the customers individual needs adds tremendous value.

  • AIM Property Management - AIM owns and manages its own real estate assets in addition to managing 3rd party assets.

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