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There are 2 ways to drive traffic to your Website...
                                                Pay for exposure, or create Organic traffic!

AIM Media Services

AIM Media services encompass the design, management and deployment of websites under our portfolio. In addition to creating the infrastructure for those websites, our teams build solutions for our various customers, these services include;

  • Graphic Design

  • Website Design

  • E-Commerce solutions for all industries and sizes

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Internet analytics and optimization

  • Social Media, including increase of followers

  • Advertising solutions and Promotions

Unless your potential customers see you, they can not do business with you. Your company's web site is the modern shop window and is essential to informing your customer about your business, and portraying your business image.

AIM Media Owns the Verticals

AIM Media owns the verticals encompassed in the SEO Supply Chain! We, therefore, can analyze your company's needs and implement guaranteed results at the lowest costs in the industry!

AIM Media has diverse investments into the online platform. Our Media portfolio covers a wide group of demographics, allowing us to share informative, uplifting and creative work with over 90% of the population. Our Media division operates publications that speak to the following categories;

  • Women of all ages

  • Men of all ages

  • Retired and Baby Boomers

  • Business Community

  • Families

You can visit the websites of our various investments by clicking on the brands logo below. 



To encourage women to live better lives!

Every Season Woman

Every Season Woman

Every woman has their own season, their own path!



As you grow your families, you have a community behind you!

Business Done Write

Business Done Write

Different views and perspective for sustainable businesses.

Organic Traffic - aka - SEO

Organic Customers created through SEO strategies continue to generate more paying customers with less investment. The successful campaigns will boost your website exposure and traffic promoting the products and services of your company.

We Follow a 3 Steps Process

1. Successful SEO strategy starts with a critical analysis. This includes conducting extensive Keyword Research and performing detailed and comprehensive Website SEO Audit of not only your website but of your competitors. These are two extremely crucial steps of paramount importance; that competition either miss altogether or intentionally rush through. Doing so only yields short term results and leaves a website vulnerable to Google updates and ranking algorithm changes.

AIM Media's SEO implementation, configures your website for the best long term results. Our analysis will include suggestions to assist you in targeting the right keywords based on your business and the right audience. Our full team of industry experts can assist your website to conform with Google Guidelines for the user experience design, as well as the backend, unseen to most business professionals. 

Our website audit consists of proprietary checks and cross-checks on your website to ensure its overall positioning will create profitability.

2. Content Creation is vital to the SEO and organic traffic approach. Within our team, we have on-staff writers and journalists that have written for national and international news publications. Quality content for a website attracts visitors, portraying the brand and vision of your company while also optimizing for SEO and target keywords. Everything that AIM Media undertakes with our customers shows an increase in traffic, improved global site rankings but most importantly, connect the potential customer to your website.

3. Implementation of the strategy is so important. With AIM Media owning the verticals, we can not only secure your content on high ranking, high traffic sites, we also feature the content in ways that ranks your content above your competitors on Google and other search engines.

Our implementation includes social media broadcasting to the thousands of readers and followers that fall within your target demographic.

Thank you contacting AIM. We appreciate your consideration in working with us.

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