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Is your revenue more than

$2 million a year?


is looking for a limited number of businesses to use our infrastructure and grow their revenues in excess of $2 million per year.

I want my business revenue to SKYROCKET!

Thanks! Message sent.

How will AIM grow my revenue?

Setup - AIM has many years experience in growing small businesses. We know what it takes, and that isn't always harder work, but smarter thinking!
Infrastructure - In order to grow your revenue, you need to increase your completed jobs, AIM's infrastructure will bring in more business for you, but also assist you in managing and completing the sales.
Win - Win - AIM believes in a simple economics principle, we ALL need to win in order to win. Our structure and expertise will take your business to heights you never dreamed of!

AIM will give you the opportunity to see your dreams come true!

Your present revenue                                                         <$500,000

Estimated jobs completed per year                                                200

Average job ticket                                                             $2,000 / job

Estimated increase in jobs                                            15 - 25/ month

Estimated increase in revenue                       $40,000-$65,000 / month

New Annual Revenue                                                     +$ 1.2 million

New Annual Profits                                                            +$200,000

Be the Champion!

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