Thank you for participating. The goal of this survey is to share the true beliefs and belief systems of people around the world. The only purpose of securing your initials to protect the data from duplication. We do not collect personal data, and only 1 submission per IP address is accepted. Answers will not be used for anything other than the purposes of understanding the big picture of society in 2020 and the beliefs 
If you do not hold a belief for or against a question, please select N/A.
Do you attend a Christian Church?
Do you believe in Heaven an Hell?
Are ALL actions and are sins forgiven by God?
Was the earth and the universes created by God?
Jesus said that He was the only way to receive salvation?
God is Omnipresent, and see everything everywhere?
God is 100% in control. Nothing happens without His approval?
Are people within the church Hypocritical by judging other "Christians" actions?
If you had to choose, no church attendance at all, or attending a church under a tree every week, Which would you choose?
Do you believe in happy endings? Are there stories in life of people that no matter of their beliefs, actions and love get what they do not deserve?

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