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Hands a little full?


answer a call again!

How does AIM answer your calls?

Setup - AIM will work with you to have all your business related calls forwarded to their call center. Your account manager will receive all calls received!
Individuality - Your account manager knows that it is your customers or vendors calling, answering your calls with your personalized greeting.
Connectivity - Our phone systems allow us to transfer urgent and relevant calls to you directly while you are on the go!

The GREATEST challenge facing contractors, is balancing job execution and customer service!

Estimated time spent on the phone each month                      50 hours

Estimated jobs lost due to poor customer service           5 - 6 per month

Job revenue average                                                           $500 / job

Estimated loss in revenue                                 $2,500 - $3000/ month

For $395 per month,

I want AIM to answer ALL my calls!

Thanks! Message sent.

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