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As a Contracting business, you generate revenue by meeting with customers and finishing jobs. In both situations, answering calls and scheduling new appointments while on the job is unprofessional and can be hazardous. Take AIM to run your Front Office 24 Hours a day;

  • Answer calls during 24/7

  • Forwarding calls through our integrated systems 

  • Taking messages

  • Returning calls to customers, vendors etc.

  • Scheduling jobs with customers through integrated systems

Your customers often need your assistance in an emergency or outside of regular Business hours, our 24/7 Front Office service offers you a fully functional service 24 hours a day!

With the Front Office Solution from AIM Services, you can rest easy knowing that you aren't missing calls or work opportunities while you are busy, or resting at the end of the day!

The Front Office service with 24/7 coverage is $495.00 per month.

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